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  1. Spend Small: The Local Authority Spend Index

    One of the best ways that government can support small businesses is buying from them.

    With significant attention focused on increasing SME spend in central government, the Centre for Entrepreneurs and Spend Network have partnered to explore the other side of this debate: local authority …

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  • Entrepreneurs urge local government to 'Spend Small'

    Centre for Entrepreneurs

    Ground-breaking new Index reveals the extent of local government spending with small businesses.

    Twenty suppliers to local authorities dominate procurement and earned £9.9bn in three years.

    78,128 small businesses shared £11.1bn in the same period.

    Local authorities have been urged to ‘Spend Small’ as a newly launched Index ranks councils on their procurement spending with small companies.

    According to authoritative research, 78,128 small firms are doing business …

  • The Times: Corporate giants 'hold key to £670bn funding tap for start-ups'

    Centre for Entrepreneurs

    The Times covered the launch of The Entrepreneurs' Manifesto.

    Big businesses should be given tax breaks to encourage the to invitest an estimated £670bn in start-ups ,according to an entrepreneurs' manifesto backed by Luke Johnson, the venture capital veteran. 

    A return to "corporate venturing" is one proposal included in a report published by the Centre for Entrepreneurs, which is calling for political parties to embrace the ideas of business owners in their election manifestos. …

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